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The Medical Station Wishes you a Happy New Year

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The Medical Station Wishes you a Happy New Year

After a busy holiday season, The Medical Station wants to wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and relaxing start to the New Year. 2015 was a busy and exciting year for our North York clinic and there is a lot we are looking forward to in 2016. With each New Year comes a plethora of New Year’s resolutions – we make a list of goals and vows in an effort to ensure each year is better than the previous one. As we head into 2016, The Medical Station wants to encourage you to focus on processes over resolutions, in order to ensure a truly happy New Year.

The Shortfalls of Resolutions

It is great to set goals for yourself, whether on December 31st or any other day of the year. Goals or resolutions can motivate us to achieve and lead us on the path to success. Unfortunately, however, goals or resolutions can also be stressful, counterproductive, and allusive. Resolutions promise happiness only once we have attained the given goal – we focus on the end point at the expense of considering the process that leads us to achieving our goals.

Additionally, research has shown that only a mere 8% of individuals achieve their New Year’s resolutions. The Medical Station knows that some may be successful during January, many start to back slide during February, and by December the vast majority of resolution-making individuals are back where they started, or sometimes worse off. This year, instead of writing up a list of goals or resolutions, our clinic staff encourage you to think more about the systems and processes that can get you to where you want to be.

This Year, Opt for Process over Resolutions

Contrary to what we may think, goals can actually prevent long-term progress since once we achieve a goal the necessary behaviours may subside. If we don't think about the goal, or the end point, and instead focus on the habits and process, we will find we still end up there – in fact, we may arrive at the same end point, just in a happier and more sustainable way. The Medical Station suggests that instead of saying you want to lose 10 pounds, focus on how you can achieve that through a healthier lifestyle. Instead of making a resolution to get a specific promotion or raise, think about how you can improve your work processes and outputs. Reflect, think deeply about what makes you happy and how you enjoy spending your time – maybe put the goals on hold and instead, focus on the journey.

The Medical Station Encourages you to have a Healthy New Year

Health is important to us all, and our clinic knows that the New Year can be a perfect time and motivator to get us thinking about our health. Whether its making health related resolutions or deciding to implement healthier habits, The Medical Station, located in North York, looks forward to working with you and supporting you in improving your individual health.

2016 is sure to be a busy and exciting year for The Medical Station. We are looking forward to opening our clinic doors in North York and working with you to deliver the best possible health care. The Medical Station wishes you and your loved ones a happy New Year and a healthy 2016. This year, instead of focusing on resolutions, goals, and end products, lets all take a bit of time to enjoy the journey.

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