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At The Medical Station we know how busy you are. As part of our commitment to your healthcare, we are pleased to offer complimentary online booking with Medeo.

What is Medeo?

Medeo is a secure, confidential portal that is integrated into our electronic medical records. Medeo allows you to book an appointment online and communicate with our office utilizing the secure patient messaging system.

Online Appointment Booking with Medeo

Online booking is only for current patients of the practice, new patients appointments will not be accepted. 

We will need your email address in order for you to create an account. Please call the office if you would like to set up your Medeo account.

Secure Patient Messaging

We have implemented patient messaging within the Medeo platform. Our doctors and staff will be communicating using Medeo. E-Messaging can be used for non-urgent matters, including relaying appointment information and test results. 

Medeo FAQs

Please read below for answers to some common Medeo frequently asked questions. If you need assistance, please call our office.

  • How do I make a Medeo account?

    First, let our office know that you would like to setup an online booking account. We will confirm your email address and send an invitation email to that account. Then, open the email from Medeo Health and follow the link and instructions to create and account. 

    Please note that every patient is required to have their own unique Medeo Account - you cannot share one account to several people at this time or book for other individuals (ie. parents booking for children or spouses booking for their other half) at this time.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    Please ensure that you always book with your family physician, and follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the booking link 
      Book Online
    2. Choose YOUR family doctor from the list and hit next
    3. Choose the type of visit you require from the list and click next
    4. Click on pick a day. The days there are appointments available will be in bold
    5. Select the day you want
    6. Pick one of the times that appear as your appointment time press next
    7. Enter any information you wish into the appointment
    8. Click the REQUEST button

    Note: If you want to book for your child’s family doctor. Please put the name of the child in the information step #7

    Once  you have completed step 8 you will receive a message telling you your request is being approved. Once our office approves the appointment, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your appointment.

  • How do I know my request has been received?

    Once you have completed step 8 you will receive a message that your request is being approved. Online requests must receive a confirmation email from our office to successfully book your appointment. 

    If you have requested an appointment and not heard from our office within 3 business hours, please phone our office.  For appointment requests submitted after regular business hours or on weekends, we will confirm appointments within 3 hours of our opening office hours the following business day.

  • What can be booked online?

    We accept bookings for baby checkups, pap smears, new problem visits and follow ups. Online booking may not be the ideal method of booking for all appointments or patients. Please always feel free to contact us during business hours to make an appointment.

    Forms, complete physicals and some other appointment types require additional time or equipment to be made available and as such, these appointment types cannot be booked online.

    Online request should not be used for energency situations.  Should you require immediate attention, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. 

  • What is the patient messaging system?

    E- Messaging can be used with Medeo; our secure portal for encrypted email. You will receive an email notification that a message has been sent by our office in Medeo.

    E-Messaging can be used for non-urgent matters, including relaying appointment information and test results. Messages can only be initiated from the doctor to the patient. If requested by the doctor/office, patients will be able to respond to the message.

  • Where can I get assistance with my Medeo account?

    Please use the links below for assistance with creating or logging into your Medeo account:

    Medeo Support Information

    How to Add Dependent or Alias Accounts

    How to Book Healthcare Appointments in Medeo

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