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Meet The Medical Station Team

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Meet The Medical Station health & wellness team in North York, where our commitment is to your health!

*Listed alphabetically by first name.

Dr. Naiman MD, CCFP, Medical Director and Family Physician

Dr. Alisa Naiman

Medical Director & Founder, Family Phys.

» Meet Dr. Naiman

Gabe Derai, Pharmacist, North York Clinic

Gabriel Derai


» Meet Gabriel

Dr. Bourne, North York Family Physician

Dr. Jennifer Bourne

Family Physician

» Meet Dr. Bourne

Jordana Riesel, Registered Dietitian, North York Clinic

Jordana Riesel

Registered Dietitian

» Meet Jordana

Lynn Adirim, Social Worker

Lynn Adirim

Social Worker

» Meet Lynn

Sandy Nguyen, Administrative Patient Coordinator

Sandy Nguyen

Administrative Patient Coordinator

» Meet Sandy

Zofia Nikipierowicz, Physiotherapist, North York Medical Clinic

Zofia Nikipierowicz

Physical Therapist

» Meet Zofia

Dr. Carolyn Tam, Family Physician, North York Medical Clinic

Dr. Carolyn Tam

Family Physician

» Meet Dr. Tam

Igor Steiman, Chiropractor, North York Clinic

Igor Steiman


» Meet Igor

Dr. Zelovitzky, North York Family Physician

Dr. Jennifer Zelovitzky

Family Physician

» Meet Dr. Zelovitzky

Karina Garcia, Administrative Coordinator, North York Clinic

Karina Garcia

Administrative Patient Coordinator

» Meet Karina

Nancy Ng, Pharmacist, North York Clinic

Nancy Ng


Receptionist, The Medical Station, North York Clinic

Tammy Girvitz

Clinic Receptionist

» Meet Tammy

Dr. Emily Tam, MPH, RD, Registered Dietician, North York Clinic

Emily Tam

Registered Dietitian

» Meet Emily

Ivy Rose Torreon, Administrative Patient Coordinator

Ivy Rose Torreon

Administrative Patient Coordinator

» Meet Ivy

Family Physician, The Medical Clinic, North York

Dr. Jordana Boro

Family Physician

» Meet Dr. Boro

Kimberly Landreville, Registered Massage Therapist

Kimberly Landreville

Registered Massage Therapist

» Meet Kimberly

Ngai Chow, Chiropractor

Ngai Chow


» Meet Ngai

Yael Pecchioli, Family Physician, North York Clinic

Dr. Yael Pecchioli

Family Physician

» Meet Dr. Pecchioli

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