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Education Consultation & Coaching

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The Educational Consultant & Coach at The Medical Station in North York offers comprehensive and individualized support for students of all ages and their families. 

Social Worker / Counsellor, North York Clinic

What does an Educational Consultant & Coach do?

Through personalized interaction and a strength-based approach, our Educational Consultant & Coach aims to empower and equip parents and students of all ages with 21st century skills for success.

Common areas of guidance include: school choice, motivation, psycho-educational assessment reviews, follow- up and implementation, study skills, coaching (organization, planning), special education, (learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, ASD, ODD), collaborative problem solving, and child/family advocacy.

Education Consultation & Coaching Services

Initial Social Work Assessment (60 min.) | $130

30-Minute Follow-Up | $75

45-Minute Follow-Up | $100

60-Minute Follow-Up | $125

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Will insurance cover education consultation & coaching services?

Education consultation and coaching services follow a fee for service model. Some medical insurance plans or work benefit packages may reimburse clients for education consultation service fees.

Please check your group or individual insurance policy for coverage details.

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