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The Importance of Medical ID Bracelets

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The Importance of Medical ID Bracelets

Medical ID’s are emblems or tags, often worn as medical alert bracelets or necklaces, which bear the message that a person has a severe medical condition that may require immediate medical assistance. It can also be worn by people with less debilitating illnesses that may inhibit a person from expressing their condition to others, such as Alzheimer’s disease or Autism. Many people who may require a Medical Identification Tag often do not know about all the benefits of wearing one. On this week’s blog The Medical Station explores the importance of medical alert jewelry, and its benefits to both a patient and a physician.

What are Medical Alert Bracelets and how do they work?

Medical Alert Bracelets are tags that are worn by people with serious medical conditions, which indicate to others that the person could require immediate medical assistance during an episode. They are also used to inform physicians of a patient’s condition when the person may not have the consciousness or capacity to inform them of their ailment. The tag is engraved with the person’s name and medical condition, as well as a number to a 24-hour toll-free MedicAlert line, and the wearer’s personal ID number, which provides access to their medical information and history through the MedicAlert database. First responders in an emergency situation contact MedicAlert through the hotline. When the number is called, MedicAlert, who issues the bracelets to patients, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other providers, retrieves the wearer’s health record, which they then fax to the physician or facility treating the patient.

Medical Alert ID’s are customizable and come in many different styles of jewelry, and can even be tattooed, although it is better to get an official bracelet from MedicAlert as they are the most trusted company in the medical community and are easier for medical professionals to use to retrieve pertinent information about the patient.

Why are Medical ID’s important?

Medical ID bracelets can serve several purposes, but their main intention is to allow a first responders and health care professionals to have an in-depth view of a patient’s medical history and healthcare needs. This ensures the quickest, safest care possible, especially when the patient is unable to communicate their illness.  Medical Alert bracelets have proved to be so useful that they’ve eliminated trips to the hospital, prevented harmful medical errors, and prevented minor emergencies from becoming severe ones. Medical ID bracelets keep patients safe and ensure that health care professionals can make a quick and accurate diagnosis and respond with appropriate treatment. 

Who needs a Medical Alert Bracelet?

MedicAlert bracelets are available to anyone who feels as though they need one, however, it should only provide pertinent information that a health care professional would need to know in an emergency situation. Anyone with a severe or chronic condition should where a Medical ID. They can also be worn by anyone with a condition that inhibits them from expressing that they have a disablement or illness. The bracelets are most commonly worn by diabetics, people with epilepsy, food allergies, dementia, autism, asthma, cancer, heart or lung conditions, and people with pacemakers. 

If you feel as though you may require a Medical ID tag, come visit one of our physicians at The Medical Station to seek an opinion on whether a Medical ID is for you. Call today at 416-633-2345 to make an appointment!  Our pharmacy carries the forms required to order a customized Medical Alert bracelet for you, and can have the bracelet available for pick-up within 24 hours of the order placement!

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