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The Top Three Things People Look For in a Physician

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The Top Three Things People Look For in a Physician

Whether you have something as simple as the common cold or as serious as lymphoma, you most likely want to have the best doctor available. But what are the qualities that make a great physician? From compassion and respect to physical accessibility, The Medical Station takes a look at the top traits that people want when looking for a family doctor.

Doctors Who Listen

Research done by The Huffington Post shows that the primary complaint people have regarding their healthcare is that they feel that their doctor doesn’t listen. Doctors who interrupt, breeze through the appointment without showing any consideration, and do not take the patient’s thoughts into account during their assessment are undoubtedly leave patients feeling uncertain and irritated. Patients look for a doctor who is considerate and respectful, and who takes their feelings into account. At The Medical Station the patient is in the center of all care. While each of our team members bring important experience and knowledge, we know that each patient is an individual with unique needs requiring individual attention. Rooted in respect and compassion, we work with you to ensure that your medical care is meeting your health needs and expectations.


Accessibility as a whole is extremely important to people who are looking for the right doctor. Weather it’s an issue of time, distance, transportation, or handicap-accessible space, patients want a doctor who is convenient to reach. When a doctor does not respond to calls, has an office that is too far away, has short and specific hours, or has extremely long wait times, people become frustrated and feel that the physician has no respect for their time. Furthermore, when the doctor’s office does not cater to one’s physical needs, it’s a huge red flag that they are not the right physicians for that person! The Medical Station’s motto is ‘centred on care’, so patient accessibility and comfort is of the utmost importance to us. The Medical Station attempts to optimize our convenience in order to make healthcare an accessible and easy resource for all our patients. With free parking during appointment times, a location across from the Wilson TTC station, a wheelchair-accessible site and a full-service clinic including our Station Apothecary pharmacy, we actively try to create an available and suitable space to fit our patient’s healthcare needs.


Recent research shows that nearly 40% of people look online before choosing a doctor, including over half of all millennials. People want to consult a physician who is well liked, well certified, and well renowned. There are plenty of online ranking sites and feedback review sites that allow people to view the reputation of certain doctors. Yet despite the craze of online ranking systems and social media outlets that allow people to ‘shop’ for physicians, the best advertisement is still word-of-mouth recommendations. Forbes magazine claims that 92% of people rely on recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of advertisement, when looking for a health care professional. The Medical Station is equipped with a warm and welcoming team with established patient and client connections, and a wide array of positive feedback. Check out our team and physicians on our website, or read our reviews on Facebook to read about the quality of care we provide, and our patient’s experiences.

If you are looking for a physician who fits the qualities described in this blog, look no further than The Medical Station. Our team of warm and welcoming physicians are still accepting new patients, and are always happy to accommodate walk-ins. Call today at 416-633-2345 to make an appointment today!

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