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What Millennials Want and Need From Their Healthcare

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What Millennials Want and Need From Their Healthcare

Millennials – typically characterized as the generation born between 1982 and 2004 - are considered to be a hot topic in the world today, as they are now the largest living generation, and have begun to dominate both the consumer sector and the workforce. Businesses nowadays are maneuvering themselves to cater directly to this youthful generation, and the business of medicine is no different. However, despite the efforts on the part of physicians and specialists alike, the healthcare and medical sector reveals a serious lack of appeal for Millennials. An abundance of research show that most young people aged 18 to 34 do not visit doctors in the way that other generations do. Millennials tend to neglect their healthcare needs in favour of other priorities, and when they do need medical assistance, they often turn to websites such as Web M.D. They are also more likely to use walk-in clinics and emergency rooms for nonemergency issues, as opposed to consistently visiting the same physician. This week the Medical Station explores why Millennials are resistant to consistent health care, and what they want in their medical services. 


One of the major reasons millennials are resistant to seek medical attention is simply because they don’t have the time. Most do not feel a sense of security in their employment, and tend to prioritize most aspects of their lives before their healthcare needs. The Medical Station attempts to optimize our convenience in order to make healthcare an accessible and easy resource for all our patients. With free parking during appointment times, a location across from the Wilson TTC station, a wheelchair-accessible site and a full-service clinic including our Station Apothecary pharmacy, we actively try to create an available and suitable space to fit our patient’s healthcare needs.

Online Resources

Research shows that 54% of millennials look at online reviews before choosing a physician. It was also found that 71% of millennials want their doctor’s to have a mobile app and strong online resources. The Medical Station has a comprehensive and user-friendly website, and also an available Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as plans for more accessible media outlets.


A recent study shows that 70% of millennial patients choose a primary care physician based on recommendations from friends and family, whereas only 41% of seniors rely on these recommendations. Millennials look for a clinic where there is a positive experience and a welcoming community, as well as a high quality of care. The Medical Station is dedicated to providing our patients with the top care and quality of service, and pride ourselves on the respect and communication within our patient-physician interface. Take a look at our team and book an appointment with us today! 

If you are interested in accessing a family doctor, are interested in walk-in clinics in the North York area, or are looking to find a new doctor at a clinic that values quality and convenience, come visit us at The Medical Station. Call now at 416-633-2345 to book an appointment with one of our family doctors, or book an appointment online with one of our allied health providers.

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