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The Medical Station Promotes Proper Posture in North York

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The Medical Station Promotes Proper Posture in North York

Posture, the way you position your body when standing or sitting, can be a significant contributor to your health. Good posture can lead to many positive health outcomes, while poor posture can contribute to pain and discomfort. Physical ailments caused by improper body conduct and posture remain one the most common causes for consults at medical clinics. The Medical Station understands the importance of posture and its relationship to health. Our North York clinic provides comprehensive chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and exercise and movement services to our patients to reduce pain and improve functionality and posture.

How Can Proper Posture Help?

Coordinating your body properly has great effects on your health and abilities. Maintaining good posture allows you to more effectively breathe, increasing the fluidity of your breath as you inhale and exhale. This, in turn, can increase your focus and thinking ability, as more efficient breathing sends more oxygen to the brain to carry out cognitive activities. As well, correct positioning of your body will prevent and relieve musculoskeletal pains and aches that result from unhealthy body coordination. Employing healthy posture techniques releases the physical tension and stress accumulated from daily pressures, allowing you to feel healthy and alleviated (The Alexander Technique, Chance). Efficient posture not only contributes to physiological and cognitive health, but has benefits for emotional and psychosocial health as well. Proper body positioning is said to contribute to an overall calming effect that diminishes stress and anxiety (The Alexander Technique, Chance). 

Positioning Your Body

While crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper posture is not easy to come by. Your body naturally falls in place and positions itself in a way that feels comfortable and stress-free in a given moment, when in reality, these stances you unconsciously adopt are often deviations from healthy body positions (The Alexander Technique, Chance). It’s these deviations that cause a build up of tension and discomfort throughout your body in the long-term. Teaching your body to adopt healthy coordination can be done through the repetition of small, self-applied adjustments to the way your body falls when standing or sitting. 


Most people incorrectly adopt a hunched slouching stance, or an over-exaggerated straightened stance when standing. While very common, both of these body conduct techniques are deviations from a healthy stature, and can result in back pain and tension up the entirety of your spine (The Alexander Technique, Chance).
Standing Posture
The Medical Station offers the following tips to improve your standing posture:

  • Keep your feet flat on the ground
  • Distribute your weight evenly throughout your feet
  • Keep your ankles, knees, and hips loose, not locked
  • Relax your neck and jaw muscles
  • Allow your spine to straighten naturally 


When sitting down, many individuals position themselves in a forward slouch – this is especially in common in workplaces and educational environments. However, the widely assumed position has adverse effects, creating tension in your neck and pressure upon your shoulders (The Alexander Technique, Chance).Sitting Posture

The Medical Station recommends multiple small adjustments to this sitting position:

  • Keep your feet flat on the ground
  • Let your sitting bones rest
  • Position your head towards the ceiling
  • Direct your spine to flow in line with the top of your head
  • Bend forward from your hips

The Medical Station Works to Improve Posture & Relieve Physical Stress

While these tips are extremely useful in preventing physiological pains resulting from improper posture, The Medical Station knows how difficult it can be to change engrained habits (especially about how we stand and sit). For additional support and treatment, The Medical Station, located in North York, is equipped to offer thorough chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and exercise and movement services. Through the tailored, effective treatment plans we offer, and a detailed knowledge of the benefits of proper posture, The Medical Station is looking forward to working with you to relieve impairments and pains.

The Medical Station, opening in North York in Spring 2016, offers comprehensive, patient-oriented medical care. Our clinic physicians and care providers are proficient in treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system and orthopaedic conditions, as well as addressing posture-related needs and goals.

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