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Dr. Naiman's Medical Clinic Philosophy: Focus on Integrity

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Dr. Naiman's Medical Clinic Philosophy: Focus on Integrity

Integrity is one of The Medical Station’s key clinic values. Integrity comes into play everywhere in the health care system – whether care providers or patients are aware of it or not. At The Medical Station we are actively thinking about and ensuring that we maintain and foster integrity in all of our clinic practices. Opening in North York in Spring 2016, The Medical Station is a clinic that is centred on professionalism, ethics, and trust.

The Medical Station Maintains a High Degree Professionalism

The Medical Station demands a high degree of professionalism and professional competence from all of our clinic staff. Each care provider has the necessary education and designation as required by their professional standards and regulations. Additionally, each staff member has a wealth of knowledge and experience they are bringing to the North York clinic. The clinic offers a high degree of professionalism while maintaining a welcoming environment in North York for patients and their families – our goal is to ensure that each patient feels comfortable while receiving competent care. 

The Medical Station’s Commitment to Ethics

There are many ethical considerations in the field of health care – one of the most prominent is patient privacy. One’s personal health and medical information is extremely sensitive and private. There are provincial guidelines and regulations in place in Ontario to ensure that health providers follow a certain ethical code and that the patients’ privacy rights are protected. The Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA) outlines requirements for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal health information. At The Medical Station, we take the role of health information custodians very seriously and make every effort to ensure your privacy.

The Medical Station Fosters Trust with Clinic Patients

Strong patient-provider relationships built on trust are essential in providing effective care. The Medical Station knows that in order to gain trust we must demonstrate a high degree of integrity to our patients and to the public. We believe that through our professionalism and strict adherence to ethics, as well as our commitment to excellent care, we will work to prove our integrity and foster strong relationships.

Our clinic knows that working in health care is a privilege that comes with serious responsibility – this is not something The Medical Station takes lightly. While providing excellent health care is our core function, integrity is absolutely crucial to ensure we fulfill this goal.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to The Medical Station in North York in Spring 2016. Stay tuned for future blogs from our clinic where we will explore some of the other key values of The Medical Station!

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