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The Medical Station Discusses Developmental Milestones

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The Medical Station Discusses Developmental Milestones

Child development refers to the progression of biological, psychological, emotional, and social changes that occur as a child grows from birth to adolescence. The early years of a child’s life are incredibly formative – shaping many health and other outcomes into adulthood. It is crucial to monitor developmental milestones to ensure your child is experiencing typical development and/or to identify any individual needs your child may have. The Medical Station offers comprehensive child health care in North York. Our clinic physicians and providers look forward to working with parents and children to help ensure each child grows up to reach their full potential.

There are four main areas of development that physicians at The Medical Station monitor: gross motor, fine motor, language, and social. While we will discuss some key milestones that your child should be experiencing at different ages, our clinic wants to reiterate that each individual child develops at their own pace and this chart is to be used only as a reference guide.

Chart of milestones for those at the 50th percentile for age:


Gross Motor

Fine Motor



2 months

Briefly raises head when prone; briefly holds head erect when held upright Has a variety of sounds (i.e. coos, gurgles) Smiles responsively; recognizes & calms down to familiar voice; follows movement w/ eyes

6 months

Tripod sit; pivots in prone position Reaches/grasps objects; brings toy to mouth; transfers objects from hand to hand Makes sounds while you talk to him/her (i.e. babble) Vocalizes pleasure & displeasure (i.e. squeals & grunts); stranger anxiety starts

12 months

Gets into sitting position w/out help; stands w/out support; walks while holding on Neat pincer grasp; places cubes in cup w/ release; releases ball w/ throw Says 2-3 words; understands simple requests or questions; uses facial expressions, actions, & sounds to make needs known Responds to own name; separation anxiety begins

18 months

Walks forward pulling toys or carrying object; squats to pick up toy w/out falling; runs Stacks 3 blocks; eats w/ spoon Says 10+ words; points to a few body parts; uses familiar gestures & common expressions; understands & follows directions when given w/out gestures Shows affection towards people, pets or toys; points to show interest in something; makes eye contact when spoken to or playing together

2 years

Attempts to run; kicks a ball; plays in a squat position Puts objects into small container; turns pages one at a time Learns & uses one or more words per week; combines 2 or more words; 50% intelligible; understands 1 & 2 step directions Uses toys for pretend play; copies actions; parallel play

3 years

Walks up stairs using handrail; stands on one foot briefly; rides tricycle Stacks 10 blocks; twists lids off jars or turns knobs; copies a circle Combines 5 or more words in sentence; 75% intelligible; recognizes colours; understands 2 & 3 step directions Shares some of the time; plays make-believe games w/ actions & words; plays alongside others; listens to music or stories for 5-10 min.

4 years

Walks up/down stairs alternating feet; hops on one foot Undoes buttons & zippers; dresses self w/ help; copies a cross Sings nursery rhymes; 100% intelligible; understands 3-part directions Tries to comfort someone who is upset; fully toilet-trained by day

5 years

Stop, start, & change direction smoothly when running; climbs playground equipment w/out difficulty; rides a bike Throws & catches a ball; dresses & undresses w/ little help; copies a square & a triangle Speaks clearly in adult-like sentences most of the time; counts to 10 & knows common colours & shapes; retells the sequence of a story Cooperates w/ adult requests most of the time; separates easily from parent/caregiver

child developmentThe Medical Station knows that each and every child develops differently. If you are worried about your child not meeting these milestones don't hesitate to contact our clinic. The Medical Station offers developmental assessments, consultations, monitoring, parent education, and some necessary therapies. Our clinic has an extensive network of specialists throughout North York and the GTA that we can refer to as necessary.

Opening in Spring 2016, The Medical Station is looking forward to promoting healthy development to ensure that children of all abilities have their social, emotional, educational, and health needs met.

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