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Dr. Naiman’s Medical Clinic Philosophy: Focus on Excellence

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Dr. Naiman’s Medical Clinic Philosophy: Focus on Excellence

One of the impetuses for the creation and establishment of The Medical Station was to create a clinic that offered care that was above and beyond the ordinary standard. Dr. Naiman and the clinic staff wanted to pursue excellence in clinic processes and patient outcomes.

Excellence in All Things

The Medical Station is actively working to ensure excellence in all aspects of our clinic – this includes the physical infrastructure in North York, the clinic space, the diverse team of staff, the services and programs provided, and the outcomes achieved. The Medical Station, currently in the build-out phase, is spending a lot of time and effort preparing for our clinic opening in Spring 2016 – we are researching best practices, testing out different equipment, trouble shooting the technical components, learning about our North York community, and recruiting superb staff. Dr. Naiman has been providing comprehensive primary care in diverse settings (including community healthcare centres, walk-in clinics, home visits and family health organizations) for the past ten years – during this time she has gained a deep understanding of what works and what can be improved, these insights are driving the vision of The Medical Station.

Continual Evolution Towards Excellence

Part of the mission towards excellence is being aware of our staff’s limitations and the clinic’s areas for improvement. The Medical Station will actively seek feedback from our staff, clinic patients, and the larger North York community. We are aware that excellence is not a static state – rather, there must be continual evolution, in response to the changing environment, community, and patient needs. The Medical Station will not remain stagnant in our processes and practices – we are always keeping up to date on technical and clinical advances to ensure our excellence remains relevant.

In the stages leading up to our opening and once we open in Spring 2016, The Medical Station will be working every day to 
deliver the best outcomes & highest quality service through the effort of every team member.

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