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The Medical Station Supports Healthy Immune Systems

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The Medical Station Supports Healthy Immune Systems

Our immune systems play a crucial role in protecting us against illness and keeping us healthy. It’s no wonder then that so many people are looking for ways to improve their immune system function. Though the idea of boosting your immune system is enticing – it is as complicated and elusive as the immune system itself. There is a lot of research currently being conducted to better understand what affects our immune system and how. The Medical Station weighs in and discusses some of the popular immune boosting techniques we hear about in the media.

What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that plays a crucial role in protecting us against infection and disease. Upon identifying unhealthy cells or exogenous substances the immune system uses both innate and adaptive mechanisms to eliminate these harmful materials. A series of molecular cues are set off, activating the immune response, which then destroys or neutralizes the harmful substance.

Investigating Immune Boosting Tips

Harvard Health published a comprehensive overview of existing research on various immune boosting tips. Here are some of their key findings:
  • While there is no scientifically proven direct link between lifestyle and enhanced immune function, it is likely that a healthy lifestyle would support immune function. Every organ system benefits when we are healthier – this means exercising regularly, not smoking, eating fruits & veggies, controlling your blood pressure, and consuming alcohol in moderation.
  • Though it is difficult (for both practical & ethical reasons) to conduct experiments related to stress and immune function, animal studies have identified the link between chronic stress and immune suppression. These studies are believed to have implications for humans.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies have been found to negatively affect the immune response of animals, researchers are still unsure of how these results may translate to humans.
  • Be skeptical of products, such as pills or supplements, which claim to boost or support your immunity. The immune system is complex and many of these substances have not necessarily or rigorously been proven to be effective.

The Medical Station Weighs In

While there is still a lot we don’t know about immune system function and its relation to different lifestyle factors, The Medical Station does know that a healthy lifestyle is good for all of our organ systems. The Medical Station offers comprehensive and diverse clinic services in North York to support physical, dietary, and mental health. Our clinic’s Family Physicians, Social Worker, and Registered Dietician will be available for guidance, care, and resources. In addition to the comprehensive care The Medical Station offers, our clinic stays up to date on new research to ensure our practices are always evidence informed. Opening in Spring 2016, our clinic is looking forward to helping support healthy immune system function in our North York patients.

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