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Dr. Naiman’s Medical Clinic Philosophy: Focus on Healing

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Dr. Naiman’s Medical Clinic Philosophy: Focus on Healing

One of The Medical Station’s key clinic values is healing. Our clinic seeks to inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our physicians, medical staff, and care team know that in order to promote health among our patients in North York and the GTA, our clinic must foster a healing environment and provide care that heals.

The Golden Spiral

Our clinic’s logo of two interlacing spirals embodies The Medical Station’s commitment to healing – the design is inspired by the mathematical concepts of the golden mean and the golden spiral. The golden spiral holds deep philosophical meaning – it is often thought to represent the desirable balance between the two extremes of excess and deficiency. Our clinic seeks to support our clients in achieving this harmonious balance in their lives. The Medical Station knows that promoting healing can assist individuals and communities in attaining the balance and harmony essential to good health.

Healing Environment

The Medical Station will foster a healing environment for all patients and clients who enter the clinic. Ensuring a healthy and healing environment has been a priority throughout architectural design and build-out, and will continue to inform internal clinic design. With floor to ceiling windows covering most of the walls, the clinic gets a lot of natural light (we have taken the necessary measures to ensure privacy in the clinic!). Healing principles will inform the design choices – everything from colour palette, to furniture, to flooring. Further, principles of Feng Shui have influenced design choices to ensure harmony in our clinic environment. These conscientious design choices are made to ensure that the physical environment of The Medical Station promotes a social environment conducive to healing. We are creating an environment that not just treats sickness, but promotes health.

Care that Heals

The Medical Station offers comprehensive and integrated care. The clinic’s medical care is informed by Western biomedical sciences and principles, but we remain open to diverse care practices. The North York neighbourhood where the clinic is located is home to a rich and diverse population – we seek to accommodate and reflect this diversity of culture and ethnicity. We offer care that heals through our clinic’s diverse care providers. For example, we will have the services of a yoga and meditation specialist on-site; this ensures The Medical Station can address the emotional and spiritual components of health, which often remain unaddressed in health clinics. The Medical Station doesn't view your medical problem in isolation from your whole self, and we don't view a patient in isolation from their environment and context.

Florence Nightingale is attributed with saying "To heal, one must be sound in body, mind, and spirit." The Medical station emphasizes and supports healing through the environment and care provision. Located centrally in North York, The Medical Station promotes healing in our community and beyond. Stay tuned for future blogs from our clinic where we will explore some of the other key values of The Medical Station!

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