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COMING FALL 2016! Weight Management Program

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The Medical Station is proud to announce our upcoming Weight Management Program! Please check back frequently for news and updates, or fill out the form below to receive our newsletter.

Why The Medical Station Weight Management Program?

The Medical Station Weight Management Program is unlike other weight loss programs.

We offer comprehensive and integrated care to support you in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Our program is centred on structure, individualization, a diverse team, and support – all necessary pieces for successful and sustainable weight management.

Our customized individual program is based on the four fundamental foundations of behaviour/psychology, nutrition, exercise, and medical.

The Medical Station Weight Management Program Philosophy

Weight management is a lifelong journey towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. It involves gaining a knowledge of nutritional awareness, an understanding that when possible, "movement is life", and recognizing that mental and emotional health are inter-connected in this equation. 

Weight Management Program, North York Medical Clinic

Everyone's weight loss journey can be likened to balancing two large balls, one in each hand. There are times when one ball is dropped and this balance falters. True success lies in learning how to pick up the "recovery ball", rebalance, and move forward.

Envision a child’s jungle gym in the park. We apply this image to our weight management philosophy.

The jungle gym is made from many interconnected rungs. Each rung in this complex structure represents an equally important piece in your weight management journey (i.e. food tracking, good food choices, weigh-ins, exercise, knowledge, understanding triggers and support). 

All these pieces together form a strong foundation resulting in better health, emotional success, and the attainment of personal goals.

If one rung is pulled from the structure and subsequently a second or third  the foundation begins to weaken and is at risk of collapse.

At The Medical Station our team is here to help you implement, support, and sustain each rung in this structure as we together navigate your way through our new and exciting program. 

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If you have questions about the Weight Management Program, please fill out this form to contact Wendy Peters, our Director of Clinic Operations.

We look forward to supporting you on this new and exciting journey!

Weight Management Program, North York Medical Clinic

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